Wrongful Death Mediation in Washington

Wrongful death cases are traumatic and difficult for all parties involved. Survivors of the deceased are devastated by the loss of their loved one. Wrongful death trials may be held years after the death has occurred, prolonging the stress of the parties. Most parties dread the thought of reliving these events during a trial in front of a judge and jury.

Washington attorneys often successfully use mediation to settle their wrongful death cases much more quickly and easily than trying a case would allow. Since the clients will save money and time by settling their case in mediation, they will likely be satisfied with the services of their attorneys.

After a trial, many parties complain that they still did not get to really tell their side of the story. However, in mediation, the parties will have a chance to tell the mediator how they feel, what they experienced, and how they have suffered without fear of being judged or objected to by an opposing attorney.

Many attorneys often overlook a hidden benefit of mediation—it provides a sneak peek of the other side’s trial strategy. Mediation allows attorneys the opportunity to see what issues and facts the other side is focusing on. In addition, the attorneys will also usually receive an objective opinion of their arguments from the mediator, which helps the attorneys strengthen their cases. If mediation does not settle the case, the attorneys have a head start on their trial preparation.