Why Clients Prefer Mediation in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice is a complicated area of practice and can be emotionally devastating to an injured plaintiff. The thought of detailing the pain and suffering one has endured to a jury is frightening, especially if one must testify about the death of a loved one.

Attorneys who suggest using a medical malpractice mediator in Washington can save their clients significant time, money, and stress.

Clients also value the privacy that mediation provides to the parties. Most clients cringe at the thought of photos of their injuries being blown up for a jury. Instead of having a judge and jury review their private medical records and health history, they are able to confidentially discuss their injury and the effects it had on them with a mediator. If you represent medical professionals, these clients often appreciate the chance to avoid a public trial in their area.

Although being cross-examined is part of every trial, this is the part of the proceeding that usually scares clients the most. And it should. Clients fear that they will stumble over their words, making them appear dishonest or confused to a jury. Some attorneys can be blunt in their questioning, which may make some clients emotional. Instead of having to take the witness stand, these clients often fare better in the more relaxed setting of mediation.

Finally, clients that settle their cases at mediation often shave years off of the time they would have spent in traditional courtroom litigation, allowing them to move on with their lives much sooner. In addition, they can save a fortune in attorneys’ fees and court costs.