Thinking About Litigating a Personal Injury Lawsuit? Here’s Why You Should Rethink It…

More people are finding personal injury mediation in Washington to be the better choice when choosing between litigation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Personal injury mediation has shown striking success, thanks in part to its benefits over litigating personal injury cases. Below are several benefits to consider when deciding how to handle your personal injury claim.

Mediation is completely confidential

Mediation allows the parties in dispute to handle the personal injury claim privately and confidentially. When litigating a case, your personal injury claim is a matter of public record. For many, personal injury mediation in Washington is a much better alternative to having their personal affairs made public for the world to see.

The outcome of mediation is in your hands

One of the most touted benefits of personal injury mediation in Washington is the fact that the results of the dispute lie in the hands of the disputing parties. This means that neither a judge nor jury will decide the outcome of your dispute—only you and the other party will. While the personal injury mediator will facilitate the discussion and offer suggestions for reaching a resolution to the dispute, he or she will not determine the outcome of the case for you. Only you and the other party or parties have that power.

Mediation is over quicker and costs less

Perhaps the greatest benefits to personal injury mediation are its efficiency and cost-effective approach to dispute resolution. Since the power of resolution is in the hands of the parties in dispute, with the right attitude and approach, mediation can be over within hours—at a fraction of the cost it would have been to take the case to court.