The Benefits of Litigation Consulting

As an attorney, there is no reason to try out your case theories for the first time at the trial, where you and your clients have the most to lose. A litigation consultant in Seattle can offer several valuable services to your firm, such as evaluation of your case, compliance with civil rules, strategy consultation, research, and even brief writing and editing. As your client’s case progresses, it can be easy to have tunnel vision once you settle on a course of action. A litigation consultant can help you see the weaknesses in your case that you may not have realized until opposing counsel noted them during trial.

Some cases simply would not benefit by going to trial—perhaps because witnesses will not testify well or because the facts in a case are complex and confusing. In these cases, the litigation consultant may advise you and your clients that it is best to settle the case, and what a reasonable settlement would be based upon the facts. This canl save your client a significant amount of legal fees, as well as time that would have been spent waiting on a trial date.