The Scoop on Employment Mediation in Washington

Lawsuits involving employment related disputes are growing increasingly complex, making employment mediation in Washington a wise choice. Court fees, attorney fees, time missed from work and an employer’s reputation are all costs of employment litigation that can end up being more than either side wants to incur.

Employment mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows business and individuals in Washington to settle their employment related dispute without litigation. In fact, employment mediation is quickly becoming the most common way to settle employment related disputes in the Washington area—in part due to the significant savings of both time and money that mediation can offer.

Some common employment related cases that are well suited for employment mediation in Washington include:

  • EEOC charges
  • internal DRP claims
  • Contract disputes
  • Executive and workplace interpersonal conflict
  • Team challenges
  • Partnership disputes

Employment mediators can also provide consultation regarding workplace conflict management, as well as ways in which a business can create its own dispute resolution process and policies.