How Mediation Benefits Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Seattle

The clients involved in a medical malpractice case are typically stressed and exhausted. The plaintiff has suffered some sort of injury after trusting a medical professional to perform some sort of procedure. The medical professional’s reputation is on the line, whether or not a mistake was made. Instead of waiting years for a trial, medical malpractice attorneys on both the plaintiff’s side and the defense are using mediation to settle many of their cases.

Medical malpractice cases are often extremely complex. One must understand anatomy and physiology, as well as the effect prior illnesses or injuries have on the human body. In addition to the complicated biological aspects of a medical malpractice case, the medical malpractice laws that cover Seattle physicians and medical facilities must also be thoroughly analyzed. Attempting to explain such complicated factors to a judge and jury may cause confusion and an unfavorable verdict for the client.

As attorneys know, clients are often thrilled with their services until something does not go the client’s way. Many clients are angry if they go through depositions, hearings, and a trial, only to lose the case in the end. Clients are often emotionally and financially unprepared for such a negative result, and often blame the attorney. Mediation eliminates this risk completely because the clients negotiate their own settlement, meaning there are no unpleasant surprises.

Even if the mediation session does not lead to a complete settlement of all the issues, it may still streamline the issues that need to be resolved at a trial, or even through future conferences between the parties. A partial settlement still saves parties time, money, and stress.