How Mediation Strengthens the Attorney-Client Relationship

Filing a lawsuit is a scary undertaking for most clients. Many clients have never been involved in a lawsuit and do not understand the legal process in Washington. When they are given an opportunity to avoid the courtroom, they are grateful and relieved.

When attorneys encourage their clients to use mediation, their clients usually finalize their cases with much less stress and anxiety than they would if they had gone through a trial. When a lawyer in the Seattle area demonstrates the benefits of mediation to a client, the attorney-client relationship is strengthened. This can increase the number of referrals an attorney receives, since the client will inform others of his positive experience.

It is a well-known fact that mediation normally saves the parties a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, the prevailing perception of attorneys is that they practice law just to fatten their wallets. When you offer your clients ways to save money and keep their legal bills lower, this alters that perception and lets the client know that you really do have their best interests in mind.

Further, it can be difficult for clients to fully grasp all of the potential outcomes at a trial. Many clients do not think they could possibly lose their cases—and when they do, they are angry with you. A successful mediation prevents this unfortunate experience because the client will know the terms of settlement at the end of the session.

In mediation, the final decision on any issue is left to the client. Since the attorney and the client are working closely together to draft settlement terms, their relationship is stronger than if the client had not been able to actively participate in the case.