Four Things That Make Insurance Disputes Perfect for Mediation

Insurance mediation in Washington has come a long way. As one of the most effective and popular ways to resolve insurance related disputes, insurance mediation offers parties in dispute the option to take control of their own settlement in a confidential, cost-effective way.

And the best part it—insurance disputes are ideal for the mediation process. Here are four great reasons:

  • Insurance mediation in Washington allows the parties to benefit from the insight of a neutral mediator who is an expert in insurance law. This expertise is valuable and comes at a fraction of the cost of attorney and court fees that would need to be covered if the case were to be taken to trial.
  • Insurance mediation assists the parties involved in conflict to communicate openly, under the direction of a trained facilitator, about the obstacles to settlement. This kind of communication encourages a more realistic understanding of the other’s position, making it easier to reach a compromise and find empathy.
  • Insurance mediation allows the conflict to be resolved through more creative means than litigation will allow. Since the insurance mediator is an expert in insurance law, he or she will be able to assist the parties in working through problems within a legal framework but on their own terms.
  • Insurance mediation is an opportunity to show the insurance company the direct impact a dispute might be having on a person’s life, family and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes sitting across the table from someone is all it takes to become more willing to work with them to resolve the dispute.