Why You Should Choose Personal Injury Mediation in Seattle

Personal injury mediation in Seattle has transformed the way these cases are typically handled, and is becoming the go-to method for handling many personal injury disputes in the Seattle area and surrounding suburbs. If you believe there is a high chance of the client settling out of court through alternative dispute resolution, then mediation is the perfect forum for that opportunity.

The role of an attorney in a client’s personal injury mediation is simple: you advise your client on personal injury law as it relates to their case, you discuss the range of potential liability, and you explain to them the extent of monetary restitution they might expect to receive in a settlement. This provides the client with confidence that a deal can be worked out, and encourages the process to stay fair, successful, and (relatively) straightforward.

The role of an attorney in personal injury mediation in Seattle is also to explain to his or her client the wide range of options that could be available for settlement. This gives the client reasonable expectations regarding what they can expect to happen if and when the other side offers concessions.