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How Personal Injury Lawyers Should Prepare their Clients for Depositions in Seattle, Washington

Depositions are usually taken in personal injury cases. In fact, for many personal injury lawyers in Seattle, Washington, the taking and defending of such depositions becomes routine. For clients, however, a deposition can be scary and intimidating. Personal injury lawyers who take the time to prepare their clients well for their depositions will often see better results in their cases. First, it is important that clients have a clear understanding of what a deposition is. Explain that it is the taking of sworn testimony, but it will not take place in a courtroom. Advise your clients where the deposition will be conducted, as well as any information you have about the opposing attorney’s deposition style. The more clients can imagine... Read More

Preparing Clients for Personal Injury Mediation

As a personal injury lawyer from the Seattle, Washington area, you understand the advantages of personal injury mediation. Whether your client is the one who suffered injury or the individual who allegedly injured someone else, taking the time to schedule a meeting prior to mediation to discuss the process will increase the chances of settling the case. The most stressful part of personal injury litigation for many clients is being unaware of the different stages in a case. By keeping your clients well informed throughout the process, they will be able to focus on finalizing the dispute. In preparing for mediation, go back through the facts of the case with your client, starting at the date of injury. Review things... Read More

Mediating Personal Injury Claims in Washington

For decades, handling personal injury claims in Washington meant that attorneys had to argue with insurance adjusters and medical professionals, file a lawsuit at the local courthouse, and eventually, perhaps two or three years later, schedule a trial to battle the case in court. However, personal injury law in Washington has evolved, and many attorneys now turn to mediation as an efficient, more reasonable solution. Even if some attorneys know that they have a great case, taking it to trial in Washington courts can be extremely risky. Some plaintiffs simply will not testify well at trial. Perhaps they cannot get past the anger they feel for the pain and suffering they have experienced and come off as harsh or abrasive... Read More

Why You Should Choose Personal Injury Mediation in Seattle

Personal injury mediation in Seattle has transformed the way these cases are typically handled, and is becoming the go-to method for handling many personal injury disputes in the Seattle area and surrounding suburbs. If you believe there is a high chance of the client settling out of court through alternative dispute resolution, then mediation is the perfect forum for that opportunity. The role of an attorney in a client’s personal injury mediation is simple: you advise your client on personal injury law as it relates to their case, you discuss the range of potential liability, and you explain to them the extent of monetary restitution they might expect to receive in a settlement. This provides the client with confidence that... Read More

Thinking About Litigating a Personal Injury Lawsuit? Here’s Why You Should Rethink It…

More people are finding personal injury mediation in Washington to be the better choice when choosing between litigation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Personal injury mediation has shown striking success, thanks in part to its benefits over litigating personal injury cases. Below are several benefits to consider when deciding how to handle your personal injury claim. Mediation is completely confidential Mediation allows the parties in dispute to handle the personal injury claim privately and confidentially. When litigating a case, your personal injury claim is a matter of public record. For many, personal injury mediation in Washington is a much better alternative to having their personal affairs made public for the world to see. The outcome of mediation is... Read More