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Employment Mediation in Washington

Instead of putting clients through the expense and delay of a trial to handle an employment dispute, many Washington attorneys are now using mediation to settle such cases. Mediation offers a wide array of benefits to both the clients and the attorneys. Disputes with current and former employees are often good candidates for employment mediation, particularly since mediations are confidential and the disputes are usually emotionally charged. The clients will be relieved that their business may avoid negative press. Similarly, attorneys for employees will be able to offer their clients the same protection. Attorneys whose clients have a relationship they need to maintain will also benefit from mediation. Since mediation encourages the parties to work together to resolve their dispute,... Read More

The Scoop on Employment Mediation in Washington

Lawsuits involving employment related disputes are growing increasingly complex, making employment mediation in Washington a wise choice. Court fees, attorney fees, time missed from work and an employer’s reputation are all costs of employment litigation that can end up being more than either side wants to incur. Employment mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows business and individuals in Washington to settle their employment related dispute without litigation. In fact, employment mediation is quickly becoming the most common way to settle employment related disputes in the Washington area—in part due to the significant savings of both time and money that mediation can offer. Some common employment related cases that are well suited for employment mediation in... Read More

Three Work-Related Conflicts Best Suited for Employment Mediation

A common approach to resolving work-related disputes in the Pacific Northwest is employment mediation. As an alternative dispute resolution process, employment mediation allows disputants within the workplace to resolve their conflict with the help of a non-biased mediator. Often, this mediator will be familiar with employment law for the particular state in which they practice, as well as federal employment laws and regulations. With this knowledge, combined with conflict resolution and de-escalation skills, the employment mediator can help disputants resolve a wide range of issues that typically occur in the workplace. Some situations well suited for employment mediation in the Pacific Northwest are: Conflicts arising between people who want to maintain a good working relationship. When litigation occurs, it is... Read More