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Civil Rights Mediation in Seattle: How Qualified Immunity Impacts Your Cases

Clashes with citizens and police have been making headlines for the past several months. Many individuals have accused law enforcement of using excessive force, and law enforcement in many areas maintains that the facts of certain situations have been manipulated by the media. Ultimately, civil rights cases in Seattle often quickly become complex and emotional, making them excellent candidates for mediation. Civil rights mediation in Seattle has allowed many of these cases to settle much earlier than if the parties had gone to trial. Many issues impact civil rights cases, such as qualified immunity. Most attorneys never encounter qualified immunity issues in their general practice, but such issues are common in certain civil rights cases. Qualified immunity is granted by... Read More

Successfully Mediating a Washington Civil Rights Case

Civil rights cases can raise discrimination issues, constitutional law, and other situations where people feel their rights have been violated. Many Seattle attorneys use mediation to successfully settle even the most contested civil rights cases. Choosing a mediator is the most important decision you will make in coordinating civil rights mediation in the Seattle area. These are complex cases that are normally best mediated by a mediator with extensive experience in civil rights cases.