Helping Your Clients See the Benefit of Litigation Consulting in the Pacific Northwest

One of the most difficult parts of the attorney-client relationship is explaining why litigation is so expensive. Most clients cannot understand why their case may cost them tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs. Many of these clients are understandably wary when hiring a litigation consultant is brought up, especially if they have already paid thousands of dollars in legal fees. Litigation consulting has helped many attorneys in the Pacific Northwest strengthen their arguments and prevail at court. In these cases in the Pacific Northwest, the expense of litigation consulting has been well worth the outcome of the case. It is important for your clients to understand the numerous benefits that these litigation consultants can provide.... Read More

Civil Rights Mediation in Seattle: How Qualified Immunity Impacts Your Cases

Clashes with citizens and police have been making headlines for the past several months. Many individuals have accused law enforcement of using excessive force, and law enforcement in many areas maintains that the facts of certain situations have been manipulated by the media. Ultimately, civil rights cases in Seattle often quickly become complex and emotional, making them excellent candidates for mediation. Civil rights mediation in Seattle has allowed many of these cases to settle much earlier than if the parties had gone to trial. Many issues impact civil rights cases, such as qualified immunity. Most attorneys never encounter qualified immunity issues in their general practice, but such issues are common in certain civil rights cases. Qualified immunity is granted by... Read More

The Best Cases to Take to a Washington Medical Malpractice Mediator

In Washington, mandatory mediation rules apply to many personal injury cases, including medical malpractice cases. Washington law requires the parties to attempt to settle the case with a mediator before a medical malpractice case may proceed in a superior court trial. Although all parties in a Washington medical malpractice cases must discuss their case with a mediator, some cases are more likely than others to settle at mediation. Recognizing these patterns will benefit your practice significantly, as you will be able to schedule mediation earlier and free up firm resources. As soon as all necessary discoveries have been exchanged between the parties, it is a good time to schedule mediation. As more and more time goes by in a medical... Read More

How Personal Injury Lawyers Should Prepare their Clients for Depositions in Seattle, Washington

Depositions are usually taken in personal injury cases. In fact, for many personal injury lawyers in Seattle, Washington, the taking and defending of such depositions becomes routine. For clients, however, a deposition can be scary and intimidating. Personal injury lawyers who take the time to prepare their clients well for their depositions will often see better results in their cases. First, it is important that clients have a clear understanding of what a deposition is. Explain that it is the taking of sworn testimony, but it will not take place in a courtroom. Advise your clients where the deposition will be conducted, as well as any information you have about the opposing attorney’s deposition style. The more clients can imagine... Read More

When to Schedule Medical Malpractice Mediation

In most jurisdictions, mediation is necessary before a medical malpractice case can be scheduled for trial. The timing of mediation is often left to the discretion of the parties and their attorneys. However, many Washington attorneys find themselves wondering, when is the best time to schedule mediation with a medical malpractice mediator? Although the answer is not black and white, there are guidelines that attorneys should consider. For many attorneys, as soon as a medical malpractice claim is filed, they begin attempting settlement negotiations. Sometimes doing so has drawbacks. Many attorneys will wonder how strong your position truly is if you seem too eager to settle the case. Additionally, if a case does settle early on in the process before... Read More
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