Areas of Practice

Personal Injury Mediation
Kris has decades of experience in all types of personal injury issues, including cases where tens of millions of dollars are at stake to the smallest arbitration and pro se matters. While every case is unique and it is normally impossible to definitively predict the outcome of a trial or arbitration, each case should be evaluated through the lens of past experience. Kris therefore brings his vast experience in personal…Read More
Malpractice Mediation
Kris has extensive experience in medical and legal malpractice cases and the often difficult and emotional issues they raise for the injured and the accused. These cases can also be quite legally and factually complex. Kris puts in the time and work to sort these issues out and help the parties make rational and informed decisions about resolution.Read More
Civil Rights Mediation
Civil rights claims against governments and their employees are quite different than normal tort cases. The legal standards are different. The qualified immunity and Monell issues are foreign to many attorneys. And the motivations of the defendants can be quite different than in a personal injury matter. Having litigated hundreds of civil rights cases, including many to a successful verdict…Read More
Litigation Consulting
Since leaving the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in 2012, Kris has provided litigation consulting services for various local governments. These services include case evaluation, civil rules compliance, brief writing and editing, strategy consultation and legal research. Typical cases include wrongful death, catastrophic injury, road design, civil rights, personal injury…Read More