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When to Schedule Medical Malpractice Mediation

In most jurisdictions, mediation is necessary before a medical malpractice case can be scheduled for trial. The timing of mediation is often left to the discretion of the parties and their attorneys. However, many Washington attorneys find themselves wondering, when is the best time to schedule mediation with a medical malpractice mediator? Although the answer is not black and white, there are guidelines that attorneys should consider. For many attorneys, as soon as a medical malpractice claim is filed, they begin attempting settlement negotiations. Sometimes doing so has drawbacks. Many attorneys will wonder how strong your position truly is if you seem too eager to settle the case. Additionally, if a case does settle early on in the process before... Read More

Preparing Clients for Personal Injury Mediation

As a personal injury lawyer from the Seattle, Washington area, you understand the advantages of personal injury mediation. Whether your client is the one who suffered injury or the individual who allegedly injured someone else, taking the time to schedule a meeting prior to mediation to discuss the process will increase the chances of settling the case. The most stressful part of personal injury litigation for many clients is being unaware of the different stages in a case. By keeping your clients well informed throughout the process, they will be able to focus on finalizing the dispute. In preparing for mediation, go back through the facts of the case with your client, starting at the date of injury. Review things... Read More