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How Mediation Strengthens the Attorney-Client Relationship

Filing a lawsuit is a scary undertaking for most clients. Many clients have never been involved in a lawsuit and do not understand the legal process in Washington. When they are given an opportunity to avoid the courtroom, they are grateful and relieved. When attorneys encourage their clients to use mediation, their clients usually finalize their cases with much less stress and anxiety than they would if they had gone through a trial. When a lawyer in the Seattle area demonstrates the benefits of mediation to a client, the attorney-client relationship is strengthened. This can increase the number of referrals an attorney receives, since the client will inform others of his positive experience. It is a well-known fact that mediation... Read More

Why Clients Prefer Mediation in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice is a complicated area of practice and can be emotionally devastating to an injured plaintiff. The thought of detailing the pain and suffering one has endured to a jury is frightening, especially if one must testify about the death of a loved one. Attorneys who suggest using a medical malpractice mediator in Washington can save their clients significant time, money, and stress. Clients also value the privacy that mediation provides to the parties. Most clients cringe at the thought of photos of their injuries being blown up for a jury. Instead of having a judge and jury review their private medical records and health history, they are able to confidentially discuss their injury and the effects it had... Read More

Successfully Mediating a Washington Civil Rights Case

Civil rights cases can raise discrimination issues, constitutional law, and other situations where people feel their rights have been violated. Many Seattle attorneys use mediation to successfully settle even the most contested civil rights cases. Choosing a mediator is the most important decision you will make in coordinating civil rights mediation in the Seattle area. These are complex cases that are normally best mediated by a mediator with extensive experience in civil rights cases.

Choosing a Personal Injury Mediator in Washington

A strong mediator can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of a case. Mediators vary significantly in the results they achieve depending upon their experience, mediating style, and personality. There are several points attorneys should consider when choosing a personal injury mediator in Washington. First, look into how much time the mediator actually spends mediating cases. Does the mediator consider mediation a primary source of business? Or does the mediator only mediate occasionally? Additionally, the mediator should have vast experience in litigating and mediating personal injury cases. When you are discussing possible mediators with other attorneys, do not automatically dismiss mediators that opposing counsel suggests. Sometimes its valuable for the other side to have a mediator that they trust... Read More