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Mediating Personal Injury Claims in Washington

For decades, handling personal injury claims in Washington meant that attorneys had to argue with insurance adjusters and medical professionals, file a lawsuit at the local courthouse, and eventually, perhaps two or three years later, schedule a trial to battle the case in court. However, personal injury law in Washington has evolved, and many attorneys now turn to mediation as an efficient, more reasonable solution. Even if some attorneys know that they have a great case, taking it to trial in Washington courts can be extremely risky. Some plaintiffs simply will not testify well at trial. Perhaps they cannot get past the anger they feel for the pain and suffering they have experienced and come off as harsh or abrasive... Read More

How Mediation Benefits Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Seattle

The clients involved in a medical malpractice case are typically stressed and exhausted. The plaintiff has suffered some sort of injury after trusting a medical professional to perform some sort of procedure. The medical professional’s reputation is on the line, whether or not a mistake was made. Instead of waiting years for a trial, medical malpractice attorneys on both the plaintiff’s side and the defense are using mediation to settle many of their cases. Medical malpractice cases are often extremely complex. One must understand anatomy and physiology, as well as the effect prior illnesses or injuries have on the human body. In addition to the complicated biological aspects of a medical malpractice case, the medical malpractice laws that cover Seattle... Read More

Wrongful Death Mediation in Washington

Wrongful death cases are traumatic and difficult for all parties involved. Survivors of the deceased are devastated by the loss of their loved one. Wrongful death trials may be held years after the death has occurred, prolonging the stress of the parties. Most parties dread the thought of reliving these events during a trial in front of a judge and jury. Washington attorneys often successfully use mediation to settle their wrongful death cases much more quickly and easily than trying a case would allow. Since the clients will save money and time by settling their case in mediation, they will likely be satisfied with the services of their attorneys. After a trial, many parties complain that they still did not... Read More

Employment Mediation in Washington

Instead of putting clients through the expense and delay of a trial to handle an employment dispute, many Washington attorneys are now using mediation to settle such cases. Mediation offers a wide array of benefits to both the clients and the attorneys. Disputes with current and former employees are often good candidates for employment mediation, particularly since mediations are confidential and the disputes are usually emotionally charged. The clients will be relieved that their business may avoid negative press. Similarly, attorneys for employees will be able to offer their clients the same protection. Attorneys whose clients have a relationship they need to maintain will also benefit from mediation. Since mediation encourages the parties to work together to resolve their dispute,... Read More