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Why You Should Choose Personal Injury Mediation in Seattle

Personal injury mediation in Seattle has transformed the way these cases are typically handled, and is becoming the go-to method for handling many personal injury disputes in the Seattle area and surrounding suburbs. If you believe there is a high chance of the client settling out of court through alternative dispute resolution, then mediation is the perfect forum for that opportunity. The role of an attorney in a client’s personal injury mediation is simple: you advise your client on personal injury law as it relates to their case, you discuss the range of potential liability, and you explain to them the extent of monetary restitution they might expect to receive in a settlement. This provides the client with confidence that... Read More

The Scoop on Employment Mediation in Washington

Lawsuits involving employment related disputes are growing increasingly complex, making employment mediation in Washington a wise choice. Court fees, attorney fees, time missed from work and an employer’s reputation are all costs of employment litigation that can end up being more than either side wants to incur. Employment mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows business and individuals in Washington to settle their employment related dispute without litigation. In fact, employment mediation is quickly becoming the most common way to settle employment related disputes in the Washington area—in part due to the significant savings of both time and money that mediation can offer. Some common employment related cases that are well suited for employment mediation in... Read More

Looking For Malpractice Mediation in Washington? You’re Not Alone

Resolving malpractice disputes takes considerable time and money. In Washington, malpractice mediation is quickly becoming one of the favored methods of settlement—particularly when physicians and health care workers are concerned about their reputation and wish to maintain it by handling these allegations privately. Since mediation is a confidential process, it is often more appealing than litigation because it keeps the malpractice allegation away from the very public forum of courtrooms. Malpractice mediation in Washington can be used to resolve a variety of claims, including (but not limited to): Misdiagnosis Delayed diagnosis Childbirth injuries (including negligent pre-natal care and negligence during childbirth) Medication errors Anesthesia errors Surgery errors An injury related to the claimed negligence of a medical professional often comes... Read More