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Thinking About Litigating a Personal Injury Lawsuit? Here’s Why You Should Rethink It…

More people are finding personal injury mediation in Washington to be the better choice when choosing between litigation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Personal injury mediation has shown striking success, thanks in part to its benefits over litigating personal injury cases. Below are several benefits to consider when deciding how to handle your personal injury claim. Mediation is completely confidential Mediation allows the parties in dispute to handle the personal injury claim privately and confidentially. When litigating a case, your personal injury claim is a matter of public record. For many, personal injury mediation in Washington is a much better alternative to having their personal affairs made public for the world to see. The outcome of mediation is... Read More

Three Work-Related Conflicts Best Suited for Employment Mediation

A common approach to resolving work-related disputes in the Pacific Northwest is employment mediation. As an alternative dispute resolution process, employment mediation allows disputants within the workplace to resolve their conflict with the help of a non-biased mediator. Often, this mediator will be familiar with employment law for the particular state in which they practice, as well as federal employment laws and regulations. With this knowledge, combined with conflict resolution and de-escalation skills, the employment mediator can help disputants resolve a wide range of issues that typically occur in the workplace. Some situations well suited for employment mediation in the Pacific Northwest are: Conflicts arising between people who want to maintain a good working relationship. When litigation occurs, it is... Read More

Medical Malpractice Mediation on the Rise—And For Good Reason

According to the 2014 Medical Malpractice Annual Report compiled by the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner, over a five-year period ending December 31, 2013, insurers and self-insurers used alternative dispute resolution to settle 581 medical malpractice claims. Of these claims, malpractice mediation was favored as the best form of alternative dispute resolution for malpractice claims (89.3%). The report also showed that malpractice mediation resulted in a median paid indemnity of $175,000, with median defense costs at $47,368. What makes malpractice mediation unique? Malpractice mediation in Seattle has become a favored way of dealing with medical malpractice claims, particularly due to its lower cost (compared to litigation) and effectiveness in helping claimants reach a quick and fair resolution for... Read More

Four Things That Make Insurance Disputes Perfect for Mediation

Insurance mediation in Washington has come a long way. As one of the most effective and popular ways to resolve insurance related disputes, insurance mediation offers parties in dispute the option to take control of their own settlement in a confidential, cost-effective way. And the best part it—insurance disputes are ideal for the mediation process. Here are four great reasons: Insurance mediation in Washington allows the parties to benefit from the insight of a neutral mediator who is an expert in insurance law. This expertise is valuable and comes at a fraction of the cost of attorney and court fees that would need to be covered if the case were to be taken to trial. Insurance mediation assists the parties... Read More